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Bush Paranoia brings you the most optimized practice grounds. Simulating big tournament scenarios, shaping you to compete at the top.

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What are Snipe games?

Snipe Games is a popular third-party creation that was created by the Fortnite community to offer practice to players. Unlike the name suggests, you won't be playing a game with only snipers. It works by connecting a large group of people and matching them together. The whole process is done automatically by our BushParanoiaBot, the only thing you need to do, is clicking on the 'Ready' button. Easy, right? The goal of our bot is to offer the best training for all skill levels, from new to professional players. With the help of our leaderboard that update your statistics live, can you now follow your own progress throughout these snipe games, making it easy for you the player, to see what you need to improve on next.


Checkbox Automatic game ID detection

Checkbox Ready-up phase and follow-up countdown

Checkbox Automatic duo / squad detection

Checkbox Synchronized(latency corrected) countdown

Checkbox Stat check / requirement and display

Checkbox Automated requeue for bricked lobbies

Checkbox Up to 3000 players per SnipeLobby


Win awesome stuff

So called snipe games are something hosted by many streamers, hosting them at a big scale with many people however is a very tideous thing to do, hence many streamers who would like to host such dont. This bot aims to make it simple, not not just simpler but simple.

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